Save our Planet

Didjun Skin and Body is located in Halls Gap in the Grampians Mountain Range in Victoria. We love where we live.

We have a deep respect for our environment and surroundings and would like to encourage others to share our views.

our studio footprint

We use recycled paper and card for our Client Forms, Gift Vouchers and brochures (also using soy-based inks).

All products used are free from petrochemicals, parabens and other chemicals that create havic when washed down the drain.

All our linen is washed in detergents free from these chemicals too.

All our gift wrapping is 100% recycled and recyclable using natural dyes.

Our toilet paper comes from Who Gives A Crap.

our charity

Our chosen charity is the Grampians Wildlife Trust. They believe that restoration of our biodiversity and flora and fauna protection is the key to saving the Grampians. We feel very passionate about their plight and donate annually to this charity.

our products

We have carefully selected the following products to use in our treatments and to stock on our shelves. They are kind to your skin and body. Stylish to look at and filled with substance. Everything that we offer here is stocked in my own home.

Read more about our products here.